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COVID-19 has radically changed our lives. Traveling in a post-coronavirus world will not be the same as before.  We are hyper-aware and working diligently going above and beyond our already rigorous cleaning etiquettes, with strict sanitizing procedures to protect the health and safety of our customers and employees.   We are in full compliance and are aligned with the Government and the leading health authorities concerning the evolving state of Covid-19 and the car rental protocols set forth.

Each of our vehicles is thoroughly cleaned between every rental, this includes sanitizing with specifically approved disinfectant with particular attention to several high-touch points including:

  • Car keys and fobs
  • Door handles, door latches, and lock buttons
  • Steering wheel
  • Gear shifter and hand brake
  • Any buttons or touch screens (in-car entertainment controls, window controls, mirror adjusters, sun visors, climate controls, etc.)
  • Wiper and turn signal stalks
  • Center console and cup holders
  • Driver and passenger armrests and seat belts, grab handles, and seat adjusters
  • Headrests and seat pockets
  • Among any other high-touch areas.

To help pick up your vehicle with minimal contact we have added an extra layer of protection with a one-time use disposable cellophane wrap for the steering wheel, gear shift, and hand brake lever.  It is removed when you receive the rental and acts as a protective cover during the delivery of the car rental.

During this time, we recognize flexibility is more important than ever.  All payments for your rental may be made at the time of pick-up with no cancellation fees.  Should your plans change, adjusting existing reservations is easy and without cost.

We are continuously monitoring this evolving pandemic and will keep you informed with future updates concerning your travel to Greece and your car rental.

Keep Safe!