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Agrinio Downtown

Agrinio Downtown Rent a Car 

The city of Agrinio belongs to the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania, it is 275 km from the center of Athens and is one of the largest cities in Western Greece. The population of the city reaches 50,000 inhabitants and in combination with the University and the students, the city has a lot of liveliness. Agrinio has been identified with tobacco and tobacco growers for many years, so today we can see the old tobacco plantations of Papastratos and Papapetrou.  The city has several sights, squares, and preserved Neoclassical buildings, a Folk Museum, a Municipal Library, Old Mansions, as well as locations of natural beauty such as Lake Trichonida which is very close to the town, the Kleisoura Gorge and the green mountains surrounding the city that give it an unparalleled natural beauty.