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Chania Souda Port

Chania Souda Port Rent a Car 

The city of Chania is one of the 4 largest cities in the Cretan Peninsula and one of the most historic ones has experienced great tourist development due largely to its heritage in areas of significant archaeological importance but also to numerous monuments that are preserved in the city and around her. The ancient Kydonia, the ancient Aptera, the Byzantine wall of Chania, the Fortress of Fourka, the Renier Megaron Gate, and the Venetian Neoria are some landmarks that can be visited by every traveler (visitor). Apart from the monuments and archaeological sites, each visitor can have a delightful experience on the new pedestrian streets of the commercial market. There he will be able to purchase traditional products but also clothing, jewelry, and local dishes. The city is surrounded by plenty of golden sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, where each visitor will enjoy a combination of a beautiful sea and high-quality services.