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Mini and Economy Class Car Rental in Athens, Greece

Mini - As the name suggests this is a very small car rental. They are best suited to one or two people and usually have just two doors. With limited boot space, your luggage will need to be minimal. However, the small engine size makes these cars very budget-friendly. If you just need a car to get around the immediate area, these vehicles are perfect and can also squeeze into nearly any parking space! 

Economy - Slightly bigger than a ‘mini’ vehicle these cars can comfortably fit two or three passengers and a tad more luggage. Economy rental vehicles are aptly named for their relatively low petrol costs. With small engines, they won’t win a race but are ideal for shorter trips and will be easy to park. A great compromise between size and value, they are often a popular choice.

Category A |

Skoda Citigo or similar


Category B |

Fiat Panda or similar