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For all our customers, we want to help prepare you for renting a car and driving in Greece. You don’t want to realize at the last minute that you need an international driver’s license for a car rental at the Athens airport and that you won’t be able to receive your rent a car.

Important Update for Renting a Car in Greece: As of November 5, 2021, driving licenses issued by Australia, Canada, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America are recognized for renting a car in Greece. Individuals who hold a valid national driving license from these countries will no longer need an international driving permit to be able to rent a car and drive in Greece. Further, visitors who have a valid license from a European Union country, as well as Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland, also do not need an international driving permit for a car rental. The Greek law stating the recognition of these national driver's licenses is found in Law 4850, Article 25, Paragraph 3, published in the Greek Government Gazette A 208 dated November 5, 2021.
Questions and Answers about Car Rental in Greece and the Need for an International Driver's Permit

Question: What is an IDP, and why do I require it if I have a valid driver’s license from my country to rent a car in Athens, Greece?
Answer: An International Driving Permit is regulated by the 1949 United Nations Convention on Road Traffic, written in 10 languages, and serves as an officially recognized translation of a domestic driver’s license into many languages. An IDP allows the holder to drive a car rental vehicle in Greece and any country or jurisdiction that recognizes the document. An International Driving Permit (IDP) is a requirement to legally rent a car in Greece. It is mandatory to accompany your valid domestic driver's license with an IDP at the time of receiving your car rental. The UN itself does not issue driving permits and uses authorized travel associations to administer the service. A passport-size booklet is administered, verifying that the motorist has a valid driver's license from his or her permanent place of residence.
Question: I am a US citizen and I have a valid Texas driver’s license. Do I need an International Driver's Permit to rent a car at the Athens Airport?
Answer: “U.S. citizen tourists and temporary residents with stays less than six months and a valid United States driver’s license can drive in Greece with their U.S. license.” Quoted from the website of the US Embassy in Greece. You may find more detail via the following link: https://gr.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/local-resources-of-u-s-citizens/driving-in-greece/.
Question: I have rented a car in Italy, and they do not require that I have an international driver's permit to rent a car.
Answer: Laws can vary between countries, so you will need to make sure your license is acceptable or if you need to accompany it with an International Driver’s License for a car rental in Greece.
Question: What is the difference between an IDL and an IDP?
Answer: An international driver’s license (IDL) is also commonly known as an international driving permit (IDP). The term IDL is often misused when referring to an international driving permit. An international driving permit is a document containing an official translation of your national driving license.
Question: Why does your car rental company require the IDP and some other car rental companies do not require the permit?
Answer: Some car rental agencies do not require an international driver’s permit to rent a car at the airport in Greece. Many customers find themselves in a situation where they have traveled to their destination country, unaware that they should have obtained an international driver’s license in their home country. It may be the case that some car rental agencies are ill-informed or neglectful and agree to provide a car rental to travelers without disclosing the many problems that may occur if one is driving without the proper documentation in Greece. If an individual drives without an IDP, they may face high fines and/or be responsible for all expenses in the event of an accident. The latest Greek Traffic Law (May 14, 2018) stipulates that both the driver (renter) and the car rental company will be fined 1,000 euros each for this violation.
Question: Can you provide me with some of the countries that do not require the IDP to rent a car in Athens Airport?
Answer: A domestic driver’s license from the following countries does not need an international driver's permit and is acceptable: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Ireland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. This list is periodically subject to updating; please confirm before traveling and renting a car in Greece.
Question: Where can I get my IDP from and how much does it cost?
Answer: In most countries, an IDP is issued by automobile associations or accredited online providers. The International Driver's Permit can be obtained in person or via postal mail. Some examples include AAA (the American Automobile Association), CAA (the Canadian Automobile Association), AAA (the Australian Automobile Association), ATC UAE (the Automobile & Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates), NAF (the Norwegian Automobile Federation) in Norway, and Riksförbundet M Sverige in Sweden, to name a few. Check your local automobile associations or apply for an IDP online before traveling and renting a car in Greece.
Question: Can I use my IDP instead of my driver’s license?
Answer: The IDP is not an official identification document and cannot be used as a replacement for a valid driver's license to rent a car in Greece. It is often required by car rental companies and frequently requested by traffic authorities to show your foreign driver's license.
Question: I am renting a car from the Athens airport, and I do not have an IDP. Can you make an exception?
Answer: No IDP, no car rental, and there may be no exceptions, so make sure you obtain your international driver's permit. The Greek Traffic Police does not accept a non-EU license independently (aside from the list of accepted licenses), so it is required that an International Driver's Permit accompany your valid domestic driver's license to rent a car from the Athens International Airport and other locations throughout Greece.
Question: How can I be sure I do not need an IDP?
Answer: The International Driver's Permit needs to be in the standard format of the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic, which is accepted in over 150 countries. The IDP is not needed in some cases, as your destination country may recognize your driver's license as valid on its own. The best way to confirm if you require an IDP is to contact your destination country's traffic authorities and confirm if you require an IDP to rent a car in Greece.
Question: My local driver’s license is in Arabic; can I use it to rent a car at Athens airport?
Answer: If your driving license is not in the Roman alphabet, you are required to bring both an international driving permit and your domestic license. In which case, an international driving permit may be required along with the customer's domestic license.
We hope that we have provided you with all the information required concerning the International Driver's Permit and renting a car in Greece. Check if you require an international driving permit (IDP) for a car rental prior to your arrival. If you still have questions or require additional information, we're more than glad to provide you with assistance. We will also continue to update the Q&A section with your requests to ensure hassle-free car rental travel in Greece. 

ACE offers a wide variety of rental vehicles. We offer economy and budget cars, city, compact, intermediate, mid-size, full size, automatic transmission, SUV, Van rentals, convertible, luxury cars and minivans.

When you pick up your car, you will need to:

  1. Show a valid driving license and IPD if required.
  2. Sign the Legal Rental Agreement to accept the standard ACE rental terms and conditions, and insurance coverage.
  3. Leave an imprint of your credit card. (MasterCard or Visa Card)

CDW protects the renter against the cost of repairing or replacing the rented vehicle if damages occur during the rental period. CDW, however, is not a full insurance package and it does not relieve the renter 100% of the responsibility for the rental, there are limitations and a standard deductible or excess fee applies.  You may review the insurance section for an explanation of all the car rental coverage policies.

The Excess Amount for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is:

  • 528 Euro + VAT for Category A, B and C
  • 650 Euro + VAT for Category D, E, J, K, and P
  • 772 Euro + VAT for Category F, G, I, L, M, M1, O, Y, T, T1 and Z
  • 975 Euro + VAT for Category H, V and X

Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)
Also known as excess or deductible reduction.  The renter may reduce the liability to a minimum charge by paying an additional fee per rental day. The SCDW fee will be calculated for up to 15 days and fixed at that amount. 

Daily Charge of Super CDW:

  • 10 Euro + VAT for Category A, B and C
  • 12 Euro+ VAT for Category D, E, J, K, and P
  • 18 Euro + VAT for F, G, I, L, M, M1, O, Y, T, T1 and Z
  • 21 Euro + VAT for Category H, V and X

Excess Amounts after accepting Super CDW:

Collision Damage Waiver will apply provided the renter is listed on the ACE/Customer contract. Regardless of whether the renter has confirmed acceptance of CDW, the renter is liable for any damage or for the replacement of tires, wheels, windows, ship/ferry transportation and underneath the car. If you choose to decline the provided insurance coverage, you will be responsible for damage or theft of the ACE vehicle. ACE Rent a Car Athens Greece does not offer a full insurance protection package without a standard deductible.

Theft Protection Coverage (TPC) relieves the renter from almost all financial responsibility for loss of or damage to the ACE vehicle by or following theft attempted theft or vandalism, but does not cover stolen personal contents. If you decide to decline TPC you will be responsible for the cost of the repairing or replacing the lost or damaged ACE vehicle. TPC does not include coverage for personal artifacts. You may review the insurance section for an explanation of all the car rental coverage policies.

The renter and any associated extra drivers must be a minimum of 23 years of age for all car rental categories.  For certain rental categories the drivers must be a minimum of 25 years of age. Each driver must present a valid driver's license in her/his name that has been held for a minimum period of one year. Please review the International Drivers permit section for details concerning foreign licenses.

ACE Rent a Car Athens Greece is located in the center of Glyfada (43, Lazaraki Str.) and we serve the Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos".   We serve all Athens Hotels and residential areas and special hotel locations like the West Inn Athens Astir Palace Resort Beach Resort in Vouliagmeni.

There are many options and accessories available to help make your trip safer, more comfortable and enjoyable. From mobile cell phones to baby seats, booster seats, snow chains, bike racks and roof racks, ACE offers a variety of special equipment to make you travel easier. Ask an ACE representative for assistance or include your requests in the reservations form.

A full tank of gas is supplied with every rental upon delivery. ACE does not have a refueling service charge, however the fuel consumption is payable by the renter. May we suggest all rentals be returned with a full tank of gas in order to simplify the return process of the car rental.  For your convenience, you may find a refueling station just 1 km before the Athens Airport departures driveway.

ACE Athens Greece is working on accommodating handicapped drivers. We have successfully worked with the speech-impaired; however, we do not have vehicles available to facilitate individuals with kinetic disabilities. For more information or requests for individuals with special needs, please do not hesitate to contact us with your needs.

Basic rates include unlimited kilometers, mandatory public liability insurance, fire insurance and the value added tax of 24%. Inclusive rates include unlimited kilometers, mandatory public liability insurance, fire insurance, collision damage waiver (CDW) insurance with a non-waivable deductible, theft protection (TPC) and the value added tax of 24%.

In the event of an accident, if the collision involves bodily injury you must report the accident to the local police (the police will visit the accident location for an examination of the statements) from where the accident occurred. The driver must complete and file any accident reports required by local or state authorities. In addition, the driver is required to complete an ACE Car Rental accident report for insurance purposes. This report is for both parties' protection, and is particularly important if you have purchased a waiver of damage (CDW). Be aware that statements you make may be made a permanent part of the accident report. It is important to be truthful and accurate as your statements may be used in legal claims.

In the event of a rental breakdown please contact ACE at (+30) 210 9680700 or call INTERAMERICAN Road Assistance offers prompt response and on-the-spot assistance by calling the dedicated telephone line: 1158, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Be aware of your location as you will need to communicate this to the assistance service.

The minimum age and drivers license requirements for the renter also apply to the additional driver. There is no additional driver fee for up to one extra driver. For every additional driver a 2.90 Euro (€) daily fee applies. All additional drivers will be covered under the insurance coverage.

Request a rental rate quote and coverage by using our on-line reservation form and take advantage of our internet-only specials. Fill in your request and details in the form and you will receive a rental rate quote along with the terms and insurance coverage's of the offer. The process is clear-cut and is completed with the least amount of hassle.

You can change, review or cancel your reservation online via e-mail. To change any aspect of your reservation after receiving a confirmation e-mail, please get in touch with ACE Athens Greece. Please remember that changing the dates, locations, and type and class of vehicle may change the rate of your reservation. There is no charge for canceled or changed reservations. If you make a cancellation please do so 48 hours prior to the scheduled rental pick-up time. We appreciate your professional courtesy.

To extend your rental please contact ACE at (+30) 210 9680700 prior to your arranged rental return date. Any changes in your rental return date may change the rate. There is no extra fee for extending your rental. If in the event you wish to extend the rental period please do so in time so as to help ensure that all other customers will have their reserved car available upon their arrival. This is especially important during the high season months as availability is limited and extensions without prior notice may not be possible. If we are unable to agree to your request then you must return the vehicle by the time specified in your Rental Agreement.

A standard rental day is calculated on a 24-hour basis. Similarly, the charges for optional insurance and waivers are applied on a 24-hour basis. Returning the car after or even before the designated time might affect the rate quoted.  Every hour in excess (two at the most) is charged additionally with 1/5 of the daily rate.  For over two hours excess, the renter is charged with an additional daily rate.

The minimum rental period is a 1 days charge.  One day rental constitutes 24 hours.  Every hour in excess (up to two hours) is charged additionally with 1/5 of the daily rate.  For over two hours excess, the renter is charged with an additional daily rate.

No, a commercial driver’s license is not needed for renting a minivan. The minivans available from ACE Rent a Car Athens Greece require only a standard driver’s license.

One-way rentals are not supported by ACE Greece. All rentals must be returned to the region of Athens, like the Airport. We do not provide pick-up in Athens and drop off in Thessaloniki; as an example.

ACE Rent a Car Athens Greece prides itself on offering high-level customer service. Our workforce consists of individuals with a lifelong background in the car rental industry and knows how important it is for drivers to have peace of mind when traveling, especially in unfamiliar cities! Our staff is dedicated to making all stages of the rental process friendly and efficient. All members of the staff work with the utmost professionalism. If any difficulties should arise as a result of your rental, please get in touch with our main office for resolution. 

An advance written authorization from ACE is required. You may request the document when you make your reservation; you will receive the document at the time of arrival/delivery.  The car or van rental may not travel to the Greek islands of Mykonos or Santorini.

ACE does not offer a one-way rental program between European countries. It is strictly forbidden to travel outside Greek borders with an ACE rent a car.

Upon landing at Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" you will reclaim your baggage and exit to Immigrations for passport control (not required for passengers traveling from Intra-Schengen Countries).
You will exit from one of the two main terminals Terminal A (Extra-Schengen) or Terminal B (Intra-Schengen) into the Arrival Hall (greeting area).  Your surname will be posted on an ACE Rent a Car Reservations sign whereby a representative of ACE will assist you with your rental. Check out will be done directly from the Athens Airport and will take no more than 5 minutes for you to be on your way.

Whether it be a holiday, a distant location or an odd hour, ACE Rent a Car, makes it possible for you to receive your rental on time and at the destination you request. This service has a surcharge of 21 Euro that is added to your total rental amount. All after-hour surcharge funds are distributed amongst the individual employees that work overtime to make sure that you are satisfied and encounter the least amount of hassle possible during your rental experience. This charge is clarified prior to confirming your reservation.

Our Athens airport location operates off-terminal at a nearby location. Rent a car companies with counters at the Athens airport terminal require a time consuming shuttle trip to take you to their car lot. By operating our rental counter off terminal, ACE has greatly reduced costs (for example: "no" 13% airport tax), and this reduction is then passed along to you. When you confirm your reservation, you will receive a rental confirmation by e-mail with instructions and further contact information. We serve the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” with a “No” waiting policy 24- hours every day. We bring the rental to you!  We Meet and Greet and we do not have time consuming shuttle trips or long walks and waiting to receive your rental. We have your convenience in mind!

By finalizing a reservation online you will receive a guaranteed rate without the requirement of your credit card. This website does not post any charges against your credit card. When you arrive at the Athens Airport or another rental destination, you will complete the financial transaction with an ACE representative.

ACE will hold a reservation for 90 minutes after the reserved time specified by the client. After this time the reservation will be considered cancelled and marked as a No Show. If your delay is due to airport procedures, (lost baggage etc.) please make sure to notify ACE so that the reservation will be considered active.

After you've shopped around the market, we are confident you will find that ACE offers some of the most competitive budget rates offered by any car rental company. In fact "We Guarantee Our Best Rates"!  We modify your reserved rental rate according to our current rates that are displayed in our website. What this means is saving will be passed on to you as you will always receive our most current and economical rates even if the rate has been confirmed. Of course the rental rate will only change as our rates become more economical.

A valid credit card in the name of the renter and any associated extra drivers must be presented at the start of the rental period. We accept MasterCard, Visa Card and American Express. ACE does not accept debit cards, checks or cash cards as credit identification. Charges that have incurred during the rental period such as, the non-waivable excess fee due to damage to or loss of the rented vehicle and any administrative sanctions will be charged to the credit card.

Tickets and attached appended administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic law during rental period, is solely the renter's responsibility. If any such tickets and administrative sanctions are not disclosed to ACE Rent a Car Athens Greece at the end of the rental period (contract), the violation will be registered in the renter’s name and the Greek Traffic Police and Government will request the renter’s details; the traffic fine will be sent by post to the renters address.  In case the renter does not pay the fine (s) and ACE Athens Greece intervenes, there will be an administration fee for the fine of 20 Euro additional to the fine’s cost.  It is important to note that most of the traffic fines in Greece are reduced in half if paid within 10 days.  Parking tickets issued by the Greek Traffic Police can be paid at any Greek post office. Parking tickets issued by the municipal services should be paid in the local municipality office or in the city hall. If in doubt, please ask ACE for advice.

In the case of a renter "No Show", the reservation will be cancelled. As you know, ACE Rent a Car Athens Greece does not request that individuals supply their credit card number while making a reservation online, as do most all other rental companies. ACE does not charge for last minute cancellations or a change in rental date. We do ask potential customers who make a booking online, value our flexible booking service and be sure to notify ACE of the cancellation. We appreciate your courtesy towards our company and our policy. As a result of a "No Show" and no attempt to contact ACE, the name of the renter will be added to the official rent a car black list for all of Greece, due to making false reservations. The individual will encounter a problem when attempting to reserve a rental in the future with any and all other car rental companies.

We respect your privacy!  And that is why we never sell, barter, lend, give, or trade your e-mail address, name, or birthday to any business or entity for any reason. All information you enter in the rental form remains strictly confidential. You will not receive unsolicited e-mail (spam) from us or anybody else as a result of including your personal information for the rental service.

No, ACE understands that often due to personal reasons, your vacation/business trip might be cut short. We adjust the rate according to the days that you have the rental in your possession. Nothing more is charged!

If you choose to decline CDW offered by ACE in order to use the coverage that you’re Credit Card or Personal Insurance Policy offers you, please consider the facts below. Even if the renter is fully covered by his/her credit card, the renter will still have to pay ACE all cost incurred in repairs or replacement. Further claims can then be made by the renter himself to recover any of those costs from his credit card service provider. May we suggest that you contact your Credit Card provider (Visa & MasterCard) and request details concerning car rental coverage with the use of a credit card. You may also request written verification from the credit card provider for coverage and what it involves. Also it is very important to ask if additional drivers are covered in the policy.

Credit Card Coverage  

  • Some credit cards only offer coverage for certain car categories and types.
  • Some credit cards only cover rentals of a certain length of time.
  • Most will file the claim with your personal insurance company before reimbursing you for your deductible, thus affecting your personal record and premium.
  • Credit card coverage requires you to pay the repair bills yourself, and to submit your documents within a specified time period.
  • Some will not cover rentals if the location is abroad, outside the country that the credit card was issued.