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Patra Downtown

Patra Downtown Rent a Car Location 

Patras is the largest city in the Peloponnese and the capital of the prefecture of Achaia, with a population of over 167,000. It is one of the largest ports in Greece and connects it with the Ionian Islands and Italy. In the city of Patras and around we will meet archaeological sites, monuments and attractions. The castle of Patras, the old Roman Conservatory, the Roman Bridge are some of the archaeological sites.. In the city we will find museums and sights such as the new archaeological museum, the Historical and Ethnological Museum, the Popular Art Museum and attractions such as the old Achaia Clauss tower, the Lighthouse, the castle of Rio, the first Glafkos hydroelectric plant and others. To the west of the city there are beautiful beaches with golden sand and clear blue waters such as Kalogria, Achaia and Lakopetra. Patras as a great urban center meets all the requirements for entertainment and dining and offers a variety of café and bar restaurants that will satisfy all visitors.