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The renter and any associated extra drivers must be a minimum of 23 years of age for all car rental categories.  For certain rental categories the drivers must be a minimum of 25 years of age.  All drivers must comply with all requirements concerning age and driving license requirements as well as credit and payments standards.  Only drivers included under the car hire contract may drive the rented vehicle.  All citizens outside the European Union must have a valid International Drivers Permit to accompany their country official license to rent a car in Greece.

ACE Car Rental Athens Greece accepts Visa Card, MasterCard, Diners and American Express.

Debit Cards, Cash Cards and Personal Checks are not accepted as credit identification for a car rental commencement. We require a major credit card for all car hire categories.

Drivers must have a valid license held for at least one year. An International Driving Permit (IDP) is required by Greek Law for all drivers that are not citizens of the European Community (with the exception of citizens of Norway, Lichtenstein, Switzerland and Iceland) as well as for holders of a driving license that is not legible in English. Valid in more than 150 countries, the permit contains your name, photo and driver information.  This is a very important update and is being held firmly.  You must have a valid license as well as an International Driver's Permit (IDP) to be able to rent the vehicle and drive legally in Greece.  An International Drivers Permit is required from the following: Africa, Australia, Asia, Central America, Middle East, North America, Russia Federation and South America.

The minimum age and driver’s license requirements for the renter also apply to the additional driver. There is no additional driver fee for up to one extra driver and is part of our all-inclusive rental rate and coverage package. For every additional driver a 4 Euro (€) daily fee applies. All accepted additional drivers will be covered under the insurance coverage.  It is important to note that the additional drivers must be included and noted on the rental agreement before being permitted to drive the rental.

Tickets and appended administrative sanctions resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic law during rental period, is solely the renter's responsibility. If any such tickets and administrative sanctions are not disclosed to ACE Rent a Car Athens Greece at the end of the rental period (contract), the violation will be registered in the renter’s name and the Greek Traffic Police and Government will request the renter’s details; the traffic fine will be sent by post to the renters address.  In case the renter does not pay the fine (s) and ACE Athens Greece intervenes, there will be an administration fee for the fine of 20 Euro additional to the fine’s cost.  It is important to note that most of the traffic fines in Greece are reduced in half if paid within 10 days.  Parking tickets issued by the Greek Traffic Police can be paid at any Greek post office. Parking tickets issued by the municipal services should be paid in the local municipality office or in the city hall. If in doubt, please ask ACE for advice.

A full tank of gas or diesel is supplied with every car rental delivered. ACE Rent a Car Athens Greece does not have a refueling service charge, however, the fuel consumed is payable by the renter. May we suggest all car and van rentals be returned with a full tank of fuel in order to simplify the return process of the rented vehicle. For your convenience, you may find a refueling station just 1 km before returning the car to the Athens Airport departures driveway.  Many vans and cars use diesel.  Putting petrol into a diesel engine causes serious damage, which the renter is liable for.  Please note that the price per litre of fuel used is the average fuel price for the area from where the car or van was rented.

All rental rates and services listed on our website include 24% Value Added Tax unless otherwise stated.  ACE Rent a Car Greece does not charge or include the 13% Athens Airport tax in the rental rate for rentals commencing from the airport to the total amount.

Free of charge at ACE rent a car headquarters in Glyfada, all Athens Hotels and residential areas located on the coast, the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” and the West Inn Athens Astir Palace Resort Beach Resort in Vouliagmeni. After-hour delivery and collection charges apply for hours (21:00 - 08:00), all Sundays and for certain other delivery destinations. The surcharge is 21.00 Euro (€). Note: certain National holidays have a delivery surcharge, which is clearly stated in the car rental quote and coverage prior to the rental contract.

One-way rentals are not provided by ACE Rent a Car Athens Greece. All rentals must be returned to the region of Athens, like the Airport. We do not provide pick-up in Athens and drop off in Thessaloniki; as an example.

An advance written authorization from ACE Rent a Car Athens Greece is required. You may request the document when you make your car hire reservation; you will receive the document at the time of arrival/delivery.  The car or van rental may not travel to the Greek islands of Mykonos or Santorini.

ACE Rent a Car Athens Greece does not offer a one-way rental program between European countries. It is strictly forbidden to travel outside Greek borders with an ACE car rental.

Available upon request, we supply 2 different baby seats to accommodate your child in the car hire. Baby seats are available for children of 9 months to 4 years old (9-18 kilos) (20-40lb). Booster seats for toddlers are available for 4-11 years old (15-36 kg) (33-79lb), with a daily charge of 3 Euro (€) per seat.  We deliver the car or van rental with the baby seat pre-installed.

Available upon customer request for a limited selection of car or van rentals, we supply various roof racks; luggage rack, ski-rack, roof box/capsules (Type Thule) and bicycle racks. Roof racks for luggage have a daily charge of 10 Euro (€). We supply with each luggage rack with the necessary bungee cords for securing your luggage.

One day rental constitutes 24 hours.  Every hour in excess (three at the most) is charged additionally with 1/5 of the daily rate.  For over three hours excess, the renter is charged with an additional daily rate.

1 to 3 days rentals include 125 km per day allowance, and unlimited kilometers for 4 days rental or more.  Extra Kilometer charges for each rental category are included in the car hire quote and rental rates chart.  For all monthly rental rates and quotes a maximum of 3000 kilometers are included and are free of charge.  In the event a driver exceeds the kilometer limit then the extra kilometers will be charged on top of the rental total.

Our car rental rates are all inclusive and include many insurance policies and coverage.  ACE Rent a Car Athens Greece includes the following policies; Third Party Liability (TPL), Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Theft Protection Coverage (TPC), Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), Theft Protection (TPC) and Fire Protection (FPC).  The only optional insurance which is purchased separately is Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) and by doing so the deductible or excess fee of the normal CDW policy is reduced to a minimum. Please check the insurance policy section for details.

If you need to change or cancel your reservation please email us or call ACE Reservations Department at +30 210 9680700.

All car and van rentals include 24 hour road assistance for all of Greece in the event of an emergency, breakdown or accident.  Simply call the dedicated number provided on the rental agreement and confirm the license plate number of the car or van rental and they will serve you with no extra charge.  INTERAMERICAN Road Assistance offers prompt response and on-the-spot assistance by calling the dedicated telephone line: 1158, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If the renter wants to keep the vehicle longer than the contracted period, the renter will have to contact ACE Rent a Car Athens Greece in order to extend the rental agreement.  You must do so before the expiry of the rental agreement. This is especially important during the high season months as availability is limited and extensions without prior notice may not be possible. If we are unable to agree to your request then you must return the vehicle by the time specified in your Rental Agreement.

In case of an accident due to the renter’s liability, the renter has the obligation to pay a one-time non-refundable fee of 18 Euro in order to cover administration expenses incurred.

We deliver all rental vehicles in a perfect hygiene state.  In case the renter returns the vehicle and its cabin / interior are in a poor and a demised state, a cleaning fee will be applied for professional cleaning of the vehicle.  If the condition of the vehicle requires special cleaning (detailing) (e.g. as a result of food, drink and other stains and marks, animal fur, mud, dirt, salt and damage caused by tobacco products) to return it to the pre-rental condition for the next car hire customer. You must make sure that the vehicle and any equipment is in the same condition as when you began your rental (except for fair wear and tear) so as to insure the next car hire customer is satisfied.

At the end of the agreed rental period, ACE Athens Greece allows a grace period of up to 2 hours past the 24 hour rental.  Every hour in excess (three at the most) is charged additionally with 1/5 of the daily rate.  For over three hours excess, the renter is charged with an additional daily rate.

ACE Rent a Car does not have a fee for receiving the vehicle from the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” AIA.  This service is included in the car rental rates.

ACE Rent a Car Athens Greece reserves the right to provide a different car or van model to that originally reserved of an equivalent or higher model type.  This is only in extreme cases whereby we are unable to provide the requested model.

You can either pick up your rental car directly at the airport upon arrival or at a downtown location close to your hotel. We serve the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” AIA, the Piraeus Port of Athens, Down Town Athens city, Athens railway & Metro stations, local neighborhood locations and Athens hotels such as the West Inn Athens Astir Palace Resort Beach Resort in Vouliagmeni.   You will need to present the following documents when picking up your rental car; renters passport or identity card, driving license and International Drivers Permit of each driver and a Valid MasterCard or Visa credit card.

The rented vehicle should not be used:

  • In contravention of any legislation or regulation controlling vehicular traffic.  Counter to the agreed terms and conditions of the car or van rental agreement specified in this site and the rental agreement.
  • To carry persons or property and machinery or use the car rental for commercial gain, hire or reward.
  • To transport more people than the vehicles registration limit; up to 5 passengers for all cars and up to 7 & 9 passengers for all van rentals.  Carry a number of passengers and/or baggage which would cause the vehicle to be overloaded; or in the case of a commercial or cargo van vehicle a carrier payload which exceeds the maximum payload and individual axle plated weights or for a purpose which requires an operator’s license where renter does not have one.
  • To use the vehicle for towing any and all objects, including vehicles and trailers.
  • To carry large and heavy items, dangerous materials and items that may compromise the integrity of the vehicles interior.
  • To be used against the Greek traffic laws.
  • While under the influence of any medication or illegal substances.
  • During periods of heavy flood rain and snow. 
  • By a driver not listed on the car rental contract as a driver or additional driver.
  • While the vehicle has a flat tire or vehicle malfunction.
  • Use the rental vehicle off-road, or racing, pace making, testing the vehicle’s reliability, speed trials, hill climbing, teaching someone to drive or being tested in preparation for those purposes.
  • You have not kept the key the key secure and under your personal control.  Minimum replacement key charge is 250 Euro.

Our car rental agreement is transparent, with no hidden costs or jargon and has been designed to make it easy for you to understand the cost of your car hire and services so you can get on the road quicker.  Standard booking terms and conditions apply.  The only legally binding agreement is the one you will be asked to sign at time of pick up, so it is advised for you take the time to read it properly and ask a member of staff for any clarification you may need.

You may review our Meet and Greet process at the Athens International Airport for a visual representation of how you will receive and return the rental from the Athens airport via our customer service link.  If any problems should arise email or call the ACE reservations office at +30 210 9680700.  If you have a change in plans, change in flight information or you request a cancellation please give ACE notice. We monitor Real time flight information provided through the Athens Airport server and we are aware of flight delays and cancellations.  We deliver according to flight information provided and not time.  If under extreme cases your flight has been changed; you may contact us with your new flight arrival information; we will hold and honor the reservation.

When you pick up a hire car, you agree to an insurance excess. This amount is stipulated by the level of insurance you agree to when renting an ACE Greece vehicle and you will need to ensure you have sufficient funds on your Credit Card should the vehicle return with damage, this excess amount will be held on your credit card for the duration of your rental.  If the vehicle has returned without any damage, the amount will be released. The time taken for the amount to be accessible on your credit card will depend on the provider. As an average, it should take a minimum of 3 days.

It is important to check for damage before departing with the rented vehicle. Compare any findings with the car rental agreement form which will have the current damage noted on it and if you find any discrepancies, please bring it to our attention.  This will ensure you do not get charged for damage you have not caused to the car rental.

Our rental agreement is transparent, and has been designed to make it easy for you to understand the cost of your car hire so you can get on the road quicker.

  • No jargon
  • Prices are clearly displayed
  • Includes 'Vehicle Condition' and 'Fuel Gauge'
  • Sign your signature only once
  • Available in English language

If you are involved in an accident, be sure to take the insurance details of all parties involved, and take note of exactly how it happened. We will require a summary of the accident details, and you will be asked to outline a diagram of the incident. If the vehicle is unsafe to drive please contact our roadside assistance or ACE Rent a car in Athens Greece. If the car is safe to drive please proceed on your journey but contact ACE concerning the details of the incident.  Reporting an accident with a rented car is very much the same as doing it with your own vehicle but with a couple of additions.

  • Report the incident to the police
  • Report the incident to the ACE car hire company
  • Do not offer to pay or settle without the consent of the rental car company
  • Do not admit liability
  • Assist the rental car company with any statement or information that they may need

For any additional information or questions, you may also refer to the Insurance policy, driving tips, and FAQ section of our website.  If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us at +30 210 9680700 or email.  Our mailing address is 43 Lazaraki, Glyfada 16674, Athens, Greece.

  • For Reservations made with a rental pick-up date between January 1 through June 14 & August 21 through December 31 a three (3) day cancellation notice is necessary for a full refund.  If the cancellation date is less than three (3) days prior to your arrival, the deposit is refundable minus either the deposit or the cost of three (3) days’ rental – whichever is greater.   If your booking was for less than three (3) days, you will receive no refund.
  • For Reservations made with a rental pick-up date between June 15 through August 21, a seven (7) day cancellation notice is necessary for a full refund.  If the cancellation date is less than seven (7) days prior to your arrival, the deposit is refundable minus either the deposit or the cost of three (3) days’ rental – whichever is greater.   If your booking was for less than three (3) days, you will receive no refund.

If you do not pick up the car (called a ‘no-show’), no refund will be issued.  If you cancel AFTER your rental is due to start, you will receive no refund.   All refunds will be completed within two (2) working days.

Please note: The cancellation fee is in place in order to ensure that we can fulfill our customer’s car rental needs and to improve our vehicle availability and ultimately our customer service.  We ask all customers to advise us when their travel plans change, such as a change in flight, date etc. and further to cancel any reservations that are no longer required, allowing us to serve another reservation.   We encourage and appreciate responsible car rental reservation conduct.

Rent a Car companies call it a ‘no-show’ when you do not pick the car up because (for example): You do not arrive at the arranged date and time, you do not have the right documents, or you are not eligible for the rental, the main driver does not have a credit card with enough credit for the deposit, etc.

In our attempt to better inform travelers and remain transparent may we suggest that you review the “Terms & Insurance Policy” section for details concerning the rental prior to your request for final confirmation.   For further information, you may also email me direct and you will receive a prompt reply.