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Athens Residential Delivery / Collection Service

Athens Rent a Car Residential Delivery / Collection 

Athens, one of the largest urban centers in Europe, is the largest city in Greece and one of the oldest cities in the world with a recorded history of over two and a half thousand years. Despite rapid growth, it is surprising that Athens managed to maintain its history and culture. Surprising structures of ancient times dominate every corner of the city. It is considered the birthplace of Western civilization and there is plenty to see and learn about this once powerful city-state. There are many ancient monuments, sculptures, and landmarks to explore. Perhaps the most famous of the buildings of ancient Greece is the Parthenon.  Apart from the Parthenon, you can also visit the truly exceptional Acropolis Museum, the Herodian Theater, the Roman market in the Panathenaic Stadium, or browse the beautiful alleys of Plaka of Thissio as well as the various taverns in the area of Psirri. Combine car hire in Athens to explore its unique sights. Ace Car Hire is able to provide you with cars of all categories, from small city cars, family and luxury SUVs, Mini Vans to Vans for transportation. We pay great attention to the timely (consistent) delivery / pick up of the vehicles, and that is why we believe that the customer/traveler should not spend valuable time from his vacation or work. We hope that with our modern fleet of cars and the services we provide that we will make a positive contribution to improving your stay.





Athens Residential Delivery and Collection Service

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Email: info@acerentacar.gr

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