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Corinth Office

The city of Corinth has been there for 4,000 years and is a crossroad of sea and land. For many years, it was the largest commercial center of Greece, and it was inevitably an "apple of discord" for friends and foes. In Corinth, the most elegant Greek architectural style was created, while the ships “Triremes” were those that gave Greece its naval superiority. Based on the rich history of the city, each visitor has a wealth of choices in terms of monuments and sights that will help to make the historical significance of this city more understandable and tangible. Indicatively, some of the monuments that you can visit are Ancient Corinth, Justinian Wall, Ancient Stadium of Isthmia, and more modern monuments such as the Temple of Apostle Paul and the Priesthood. Besides monuments, Corinth also has museums such as the Museum of Ancient Corinth, the Folklore Museum, as well as remarkable sights such as the famous Isthmus, the Baths of beautiful Helen and the Kenchreon beach. As in most Greek cities and in Corinth travelers can try modern and traditional dishes and delicacies.