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Ioannina Downtown

Ioannina is the capital and largest city of the prefecture of Ioannina and is located in the northwestern part of Epirus, with a population of over 65,000 inhabitants. A source of life for the city but also a real jewel is the lake of the city (Pamvotida), in the middle of which is a beautiful and picturesque island and upon it is a traditional settlement surrounded by lush vegetation.  In the city and around it every traveler has the opportunity to visit the wax museum, which is the largest in Greece, the castle of Ioannina that still dominates over the city, the cave of Perama, museums, and galleries. Apart from the beauties of the city itself, the visitor will be impressed by the view of the wider area, which is bustling with vegetation and creates a sense of tranquility and positive energy. It is certain that every traveler who visits the area will enjoy in addition to the natural beauty, the city's sights and the local cuisine which, as in all parts of Greece, has spectacular and delicious delights.