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Kindly be informed that the Hellenic Police implement the new EU Regulation 458/2017, according to which passports' and identities' crosscheck controls are carried out against databases, for all European citizens travelling to / from Non-Schengen destinations.

These controls are conducted in reinforcement of the measures applied until today, at all border control points of European countries, to all passengers entering or exiting to/from Non-Schengen destinations.

Due to possibly increased waiting times required for the completion of these checks, which at peak times can take several minutes, passengers travelling to Non-Schengen destinations are kindly requested to timely proceed to Passport Control, taking into consideration the time to their boarding gate as set by their airline.

For the acceleration of the process, the display of passports rather than police IDs is recommended.

This measure is Europe-wide, of immediate effect and not time-limited.